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Welcome to art and design consultancy 'Kunstbus', online..., at Woelwijk 27 in Tietjerk (Tytsjerk) Friesland, and in our gallery on Voorstreek 64 in Leeuwarden!!!

Our focus is on art and design that appreciates a modernist environment. In addition we offer vintage fashion, including clothing, shoes, boots, handbags and other accessories. Besides the forementioned we offer various other interesting objects.

You can also find us at design platform YaGooBle (

Our Online galllery with some of our stock is available 24 hours a day. To visit our extra gallery in our home you can email us for an appointment at or phone us at +31 511 431413 or +31 6 12404007. Our gallery at Voorstreek 64 in Leeuwarden is open tuesday to saturday from 11:30 to 17:30.
We are always interested in your 20th century design!
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Searching for a special object? We can help you find it!

Kunstbus is dedicated to my father ir. Ruud Feekes b.i. architect b.n.a., among other projects architect of our modernist sixties bungalow in Woelwijk.
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